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Family Owned and Operated

Never Slip Floors specializes in providing an anti-slip protection on tile floors and hard mineral surfaces. Our number one goal is to keep you safe with every step. We strive for "worry free" when floors are wet. Most anti-slip floor companies use a film, a coating or a form of acid etching...


        Our process is unique and far superior than anything else on the market, because... 

  • There is no residue or grit left behind.
  • Our product will not change the appearance of the treated surface.
  • It will not cause peeling, chipping, or discoloration of the surface.
  • After treatment, 100% of the solution is immediately neutralized and removed.
  • Surfaces can be used immediately after application

Great on bathtubs and showers, too.

  • No more worries when stepping into the shower or out of the bathtub... Never Slip Floors has got your back!   
  • Throw away those expensive mats and anti- slip tapes, which are a fungal and bacterial safe haven and hiding place.



Never Slip Floors
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